With yesterday’s production requiring a bit more time in the morning for finalizing, I didn’t get started on today’s track in earnest until the early evening. There were a couple of false starts, mostly because the lyrics were awful, and then I decided to go ahead and use the song prompt provided by a friend after hearing day 1: “I would like to hear how you destoy the enemy.” Initially, the lyrics you hear were only going to be an introduction or chorus, and I’d planned on some kind of sarcastic take on Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and other … Continue reading

Obverse View

A fairly typical Song-A-Day progress arc in the first two weeks, and this was certainly true for me in the first two or three years, is either a release of pent-up songs that slowly dry up, or starting with nothing, struggling for the first couple, but then getting back into the groove of writing and feeling pretty good in week two. And then comes week three. Panic starts to set in. The well is dry. The filters are down. Part desperation, part sleep deprivation, part tired tantrum, week three bites everyone at some point, but as Hunter S. said, “when … Continue reading