The Beginning…

2016 was my first year to participate in the Song-A-Day challenge. I was nervous, scared, excited, self-conscious, and unsure of what would happen.

I wrote far more music that I expected, but was even more surprised by the number of songs. Up to this point, songs were hard. They normally took a long time. They needed review and editing and polishing. Songs were precious.

The time pressure of having to put something out every day cuts things to the essentials. It also gets you a lot more creative about where you draw your inspiration. I learned that songs don’t have to be precious. And there’s an endless supply of them, you just have to go find them.

My “score” for this year was 22/29. A business trip got in the way toward the end. It was still a big achievement, and several of the tracks would end up on my first album, published the following year.

I didn’t live blog in 2016, but I did keep some notes and have been going back to add a post for each track as time allows.


  1. Watching the World (Tiny Little Window) Ray Toler 3:40
  2. I Made a Mistake Ray Toler 3:03
  3. 42403 Ray Toler 4:34
  4. The Lights Ray Toler 2:54
  5. I Get No Sleep Ray Toler 4:54
  6. SYS49152 Ray Toler 3:34
  7. Hurt Me Ray Toler 4:06
  8. Take It or Leave It Ray Toler 3:26
  9. Olizovat (How Many Licks Mix) Ray Toler 2:47
  10. Seraphim Ray Toler 4:34
  11. No Song Today Ray Toler 1:58
  12. MANET Protocol Ray Toler 6:27
  13. Do Unto Others (Proof of Concept Mix) Ray Toler 2:56
  14. Inertia Ray Toler 4:04
  15. Fluorine-18 Ray Toler 3:47
  16. Zen Meditation 2 Ray Toler 7:04
  17. Something's Coming Ray Toler 6:13
  18. Prefabricated Assembly Ray Toler 4:58
  19. Zen Meditation 3 Ray Toler 5:52
  20. Music Assembly Kit Ray Toler 2:30
  21. Fall from Grace Ray Toler 3:44
  22. Songwriter CPU Overclock Meltdown Ray Toler 1:34

Production Notes, Lyrics, and More

Disclaimer: The above posts were written in later years, using a combination of notes, journals, project files, and my (highly suspect) memory. There is also the possibility of outright (unintended) fabrication, though those sections will probably be far more entertaining.