Ok, here we go, another song with vocals. I had been in the studio for only a short time when, for some inexplicable reason, I started singing the old “The bear went over the mountain” song from my childhood. That started morphing in my head and I fired up the text editor. I think I may have a genetic ability to rhyme couplets. It’s something for which my mother had a strong talent, and she was often asked to write new lyrics to popular songs for community or school functions. Couplets are a weird thing for me. I’ve never really … Continue reading

Electric Swamp

Well, I suppose this is as good a time as any to talk about impaired writing. It’s nothing new: musicians have been writing while under the influence of something for thousands of years. I’ve certainly written a few things while having a beer or something a bit stronger, but I’m not normally in a state of impairment.  Cellin from 2017 is a good example… I remember coming home from the bar up the street, I remember going into the studio to write, and I sort of remember the actual composition and recording process, but not very well. It was almost … Continue reading

Dreams of a Distant Shore

While yesterday’s full-on song was a bit of a surprise for me, with lyrics and theme coming together rather quickly, today was closer to what I was expecting to run up against. I went into the studio around 8 or 9pm, but didn’t actually start writing anything until closer to 11. This was less about not having and idea, and more about just exploring lots of different sounds and noodling with no intent before deciding I needed to get my butt in gear and start. The trigger sound that got me going is the choir. This particular patch uses multiple … Continue reading

Noise In the Signal

As with previous years, don’t expect this post, or any of the ones that follow for the rest of the month, to deal with what the song is about. That’s up to you to decide. In many cases, even what I think they’re about changes over time. That said, this song does an excellent job of capturing my overall state of mind these days. Melodically, sonically, lyrically, it landed pretty squarely on target. It’s vaguely sad, melancholic, and nostalgic, dripping with ennui. It’s not terribly hard to discern meaning, especially given some of my recent writings, but I’ve found with … Continue reading

Recuperation and Reflection

Another Song-A-Day challenge comes to a close, and again, it was a rewarding experience. I managed to post all 28 tracks, including two that were done on the road. The last few days were even more of a challenge as the effects of not getting enough sleep and walking dogs in Wisconsin-winter temperatures ganged up to give me a fantastic head and chest cold. A fairly typical pattern for Song-A-Day participants is that they hit week one with both guns blazing. After the initial flurry and release of pent-up ideas, week two is a little more difficult, but inertia carries … Continue reading