Ray Toler - Song-A-Day 2019

My fourth year to participate in the Song-A-Day Challenge, and perhaps the first time that I’ve come in with absolutely no material rolling around in my head. A recent hard drive crash means that there are no historical snippets and sketches to rely on. Everything you hear was created entirely on that day. I’m writing without a net!

The rawness of recent loss has dulled, replaced by the quiet, softly turbulent process of healing. Emotions that were up front and central in many of last year’s tracks are still pervasive, but desaturated. Perhaps that will change over the course of the month.

New this year are production write ups for each track. Those are linked below.

Update: Song-A-Day 2019 is now over, and it was another fantastic experience. If you want to skip to the end, I summarized the high points in Recuperation and Reflection. Pop out the audio player below to listen as you read.


  1. Run Run Run (Demo) Ray Toler 2:58
  2. There's No Time to Rest Ray Toler 2:48
  3. Look Away from the Water Ray Toler 5:04
  4. I Don't Think That Was Me Ray Toler 5:16
  5. Divulsion Ray Toler 3:28
  6. Drinking It Down Ray Toler 4:16
  7. The Music I Want You to Hear Ray Toler 2:29
  8. Butter and Blackberry Jam Ray Toler 1:54
  9. Piece by Piece Ray Toler 2:13
  10. Whatever You Pour, I'll Drink Ray Toler 1:15
  11. Toys in the Attic Ray Toler 2:54
  12. Cask Ray Toler 2:19
  13. The Old Zerp and Flerp Ray Toler 3:09
  14. I Find the Strength Ray Toler 2:45
  15. Deferential Drift Ray Toler 2:09
  16. Paging Mr. Greenberg Ray Toler 2:57
  17. Snow Globe Ray Toler 1:36
  18. A Sad Jingle Ray Toler 1:42
  19. Grey Boats Ray Toler 2:03
  20. Trapped in the Ice Ray Toler 3:12
  21. What Is This, a Keyboard for Ants? Ray Toler 2:11
  22. He's So Hot Right Now Ray Toler 2:46
  23. Not a Minute to Spare Ray Toler 1:49
  24. What If Everything You Know is Wrong Ray Toler 4:51
  25. Troll (Jonathan Aronson Cover) Ray Toler 3:38
  26. Nubivagant Ray Toler 3:39
  27. I'm Back (And I'm Backin' It Up!) Ray Toler 7:34

Production Notes, Lyrics, and More