One month. Four weeks. 28 days. 40,320 minutes during which the 30-odd Song-A-Day participants that gather on any given year write music. A lot of music. More music than many of us might have thought we had in us in total, much less annually. And yet, here we are with thousands of songs and recordings behind us. A famous quotation about the theory of relativity, often attributed to Einstein, but probably just a good anecdotal joke by a reporter goes like this: When you sit with a nice girl for two hours you think it’s only a minute, but when … Continue reading

Worlds Apart

We’re in the home stretch. Less than a week left, and I’m tired, but also generally pleased with the month’s progress to date. The danger now is running out of steam, either in the form of ideas or just the energy to hit the record button. The energy of this track reflects my energy level as I sat down to write. Cover day, with all of its own odd stresses, drained my reserves to some degree, and I really was planning on a nice quiet piece. I don’t necessarily try to make the sequence of songs have an emotional/energy arc, … Continue reading

Obverse View

A fairly typical Song-A-Day progress arc in the first two weeks, and this was certainly true for me in the first two or three years, is either a release of pent-up songs that slowly dry up, or starting with nothing, struggling for the first couple, but then getting back into the groove of writing and feeling pretty good in week two. And then comes week three. Panic starts to set in. The well is dry. The filters are down. Part desperation, part sleep deprivation, part tired tantrum, week three bites everyone at some point, but as Hunter S. said, “when … Continue reading

My Girl

Ah, the rare love song rears its ugl… uh… beautiful head. Whatever. Love songs, happy songs… they just don’t come naturally to me. Anyone who has spent more than ten minutes with me and gotten beyond networking and small talk knows that I’m a snarky cynic for the most part, but with an unexplainable general optimism about people and life that not even the last two years has been able to squash (though not for lack of trying). So why are happy songs so difficult for me? Superficially, I still have these weird hangups that date back to childhood and … Continue reading

In Time

Today’s song started at a reasonable time. I was reasonably successful in not procrastinating or finding things to distract me. I still went to bed at 2:30 am, but I’m almost adjusted to the shift. Actually, I really thought this track was going to be ready for final polish and export by around midnight, meaning I’d get to bed by 1, which would have been really nice. In a way, it’s a good example of scope creep, but it’s also a good example of knowing that something’s not quite finished. The bulk of the day was spent writing entries for … Continue reading