Hurt Me

Despite being in a good mood and writing a happy track the day before, I didn’t sleep well that night with stress dreams and restless “brain going at full speed” insomnia keeping me up. I finally gave up and got out of bed before dawn. Bleary-eyed and with cup of coffee in hand, I went out on the back porch and listened to the birds in the greenbelt behind the house. Since I was in a place of experimentation and trying new things, I decided to dig out a long microphone cable and put my good condenser mic in the … Continue reading

SYS 49152

After an explosion of sleep-deprivation-driven production, I slept in on this first Saturday of Song-A-Day. I had a leisurely day, watched a movie, then headed into the studio. The positive response from I Get No Sleep had me in a really good mood, and that comes across in this track. I wanted to use more of the hardware synths I had in the studio, and decided to avoid using any loops or soft-synths, just as an exercise. No longer having access to the original project files, I don’t remember the arrangement details. The Moog was the bass line, the Streichfett … Continue reading

I Get No Sleep

It’s finally Friday. The company I worked for closed on Fridays at 12:45, so I had an entire afternoon of bonus time for this song. Unfortunately, I had also already planned to have dinner with a friend that evening in Houston, 90 miles away. Each of the four previous songs had taken me right up until almost midnight to record, so I was getting maybe 5-6 hours of sleep a night, at most. Normally, it was less than that, and I was fairly punchy when I started this one. The drum loop and bass were what kicked this off. I … Continue reading

The Lights

This is a song for which I avoid discussing the meaning of the lyrics, not because they’re overly personal or sensitive, but because I think they’re more powerful when the listener is able to develop a personal version. I’m rarely as veiled or subtle as I think I am, but I’ve heard some very interesting and divergent interpretations, so I’ll leave this one up to you. This track also ended up on the 42403 album, at the strong request of my friend Artemis. As with the closing track, Ghosts, I’m not sure it works stylistically with the rest of the … Continue reading


A month or so prior to writing this track, I had become fascinated with “numbers stations.” In short, these are mysterious, high-power radio stations that broadcast nothing but seemingly random strings of numbers, words, backwards music, and other strange sounds. While none have been formally claimed, nearly all of them are considered to be run by various countries to send coded messages to spies embedded in hostile territory. They are virtually uncrackable and untraceable, and still operate to this day. All a spy needs is a radio and the knowledge required to decipher the code. After watching this Dark5 video … Continue reading