I’ve been writing and recording music for decades. Until recently, I never shared it with anyone.
That changed a few years ago when I took the Song-A-Day challenge.

Since then, I’ve released two albums, scored my first film, started scoring a video game,
and have written nearly 100 new songs. You’ll find all of it here.

Ray Toler - Song-A-Day 2019

Each February, I join several slightly-insane musicians in trying to write, record, and post a song every day

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My persona for ambient music, as well as scores for video games, film, and media.

<strong>Music Posts</strong>
Music Posts

All of my posts related to music, production, synthesizers, and sound.

Recent Posts

Let the Water Hold Me Down

As David Byrne once said, “Well… how did I get here?” This has been the most difficult Song-A-Day I’ve gone through in many respects, and almost every day was a fight of some kind. But apparently I was so busy looking at my feet trying not to trip that by the time I looked up,…

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It’s been a tradition for Song-A-Day participants to hold some sort of get-together wrap party. In recent years, this became a virtual event because more and more participants weren’t in the San Francisco / Oakland area. Typically, this happens a week or two into March, but this year it was held earlier today. On the…

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Sometimes writing a song like 509 can cause incredible pressure or an unrealistic expectation that because I did that yesterday, I should be able to do it again today. Happily, I actually found it to be a relief. There are only two days left in the month, I’ve written a couple of really solid songs,…

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I’m really torn about what to say about this one. It’s difficult to discuss the writing process for it without getting into what I was writing about. And what I was writing about might change how people feel about the song, despite the fact that the song definitely went way beyond what I had originally…

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Molten Salt Reactor

We’re on the home stretch now, and sort of in a groove – that part of the marathon where you know you’re going to finish. It’s not any easier, but mentally, there are only a couple more hills to climb, a couple more turns to make, and then you can stop running, at least for…

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Ok, let’s get this out of the way right now – this is an experiment. It was partially successful, and it was interesting, and it’s another song posted, so we’ll call it a win. Most soft synths first load with a default patch. Sometimes this is a nicely programmed sound, but in the case of…

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