A Terrible Start to a Terrible Year

It was supposed to be another “new city, new year, new challenge” Song-a-Day. Having moved to the Pacific Northwest just six months earlier, I expected to have some things to say about the challenges of change. The studio was ready, I’d relaxed into my ever-extending “sabbatical,” and was more at peace internally than I’d been in a long time.

But two deaths, different in almost every way they could be, would mean that I spent most of January and February on the road. I wrote only on the first two days, always intending to try and write more, but never finding the will.

Everything but vocals was recorded while sitting at a card table in a rural Texas living room that was full of grief. I felt obligated to finish and post them on the 29th, thinking the year could only get better. And we all know how that turned out…


  1. Václava Ray Toler 3:28
  2. Let's Shoot the Moon Ray Toler 4:41

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