Photo of Ray in his studio.

I help people discover they can do more than they thought they could. I write music. I think Excel is the best thing Microsoft ever produced. I speak executive, nerd, finance, janitor, design, code, and process. I meditate underwater in sixty-minute sessions. I know that “I” and “We” are required at different times for different things. I’m the quiet dude you’ll tell your life story to at a party. I love finding possibilities and putting old things together in new ways. I ride a GSXR-750 when the weather’s nice.

  • Mid-brained, multi-disciplinary, servant-leader.
  • Artistic geek or geeky artist, your choice.
  • Corporate jester, experiential designer, and change agent.
  • Coach. Mentor. Mentee.
  • Perpetual student and explorer. Aspirational polymath.
  • Speaker, listener, cheerleader, and organizer.
  • Writer, editor, composer, remixer, synthesist.
  • Avid reader, gamer, and purveyor of pop-culture references.

Let’s work together on something cool.

Recent Articles


Ok, here we go, another song with vocals. I had been in the studio for only a short time when, for some inexplicable reason, I started singing the old “The bear went over the mountain” song from my childhood. That started morphing in my head and I fired up the text editor. I think I…

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Electric Swamp

Well, I suppose this is as good a time as any to talk about impaired writing. It’s nothing new: musicians have been writing while under the influence of something for thousands of years. I’ve certainly written a few things while having a beer or something a bit stronger, but I’m not normally in a state…

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The Stinking Rose Waltz

Brian Eno is apparently my spirit animal this month. He has, of course, been a huge influence on my ambient compositions, but he has also been a source of inspiration and motivation in my musical and creative world in a much more general way. In 1975, Eno teamed up with Peter Schmidt and created a…

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