Same As It Ever Was

It’s funny that I themed my wrap-up post from last year around Talking Heads’ hit, Once in a Lifetime, because as I look over my entries from last year, I keep hearing “same as it ever was, same as it ever was” repeating in my head. 

With several large projects behind me, I’m eager to write songs, but I’m also still avoiding talking about the things that bother me the most. It’s just not worth the vitriol if, God forbid, I say something that doesn’t regurgitate the current mob mentality, whichever mob that may happen to be. It’s exhausing tip-toeing around the various religions. And make no mistake, most of them are religions.

It might be an adventurous month as I explore new software and sound libraries. At the same time, my reluctance to speak about many topics may keep things more in the electronic / instrumental / ambient realm. Fair warning, I’ve been listening to a lot of Steve Roach and Oophoi lately.

Here we go…


  1. Agnostic Prophet Ray Toler 4:20
  2. Blue Saffron Ray Toler 4:20
  3. Clastic Monolith Ray Toler 4:20
  4. Doxastic Truth Ray Toler 8:40
  5. Existential Transcendentalism Ray Toler 4:20
  6. Fluvial Desert Ray Toler 4:20
  7. Going Under Ray Toler 4:08
  8. Henotic Cryptography Ray Toler 4:20
  9. In Time Ray Toler 4:20
  10. Just Kidding Ray Toler 3:15
  11. Kaleidoscope Badland Ray Toler 8:40
  12. Lambent Memory Ray Toler 4:20
  13. My Girl Ray Toler 4:20
  14. No Molesté Ray Toler 4:20
  15. Obverse View Ray Toler 4:20
  16. Primrose Waltz Ray Toler 2:10
  17. Quixotic Intent Ray Toler 4:20
  18. Repurposed Asset Ray Toler 4:20
  19. Spicy Bee Ray Toler 2:40
  20. Transcendental Existentialism Ray Toler 4:20
  21. Unregistered System Ray Toler 4:20
  22. Villa Greenleaf Community Orchestra (Pure Moods Cover) Ray Toler 2:10
  23. Worlds Apart Ray Toler 4:20
  24. Xenophobic Tourism Ray Toler 4:20
  25. You Betta Ray Toler 4:20
  26. Zenith Quasar Ray Toler 4:20
  27. Adescential Biolith Ray Toler 4:20
  28. Cobalt Dendrite Ray Toler 4:20

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