Treading Lightly or Treading Water?

As I develop an increasing stoicism, I am less tentative about speaking my mind, but also more cognizant that it doesn’t really matter. I’ve stopped caring about people who are determined to be a part of outrage culture or retribution politics, the folks who think that swinging the pendulum harder won’t break the clock.

I’m worried that, like Daria, I’ve become a misery chick, dragging down everyone around me, and that’s not who I want to be. Recognizing a problem is the first step to fixing it, though, and I’m working to be Mark Twain’s optimist who’s sometimes wrong instead the pessimist who’s always right.

Will the year bring new things, or am I on the music treadmill, exercising the muscles, but not challenging them all that much? Will I be able to ignore the world and write for me, or will this be my misery chick outlet, raging into an infinitely expanding void? Time to dive in and figure it all out for another 28 days. Enjoy the show…


  1. Destroy the Enemy Ray Toler 3:31
  2. D-13 Ray Toler 4:04
  3. Get Out of the Way Ray Toler 3:08
  4. Continental Transit Ray Toler 5:00
  5. Mare Vaporum Ray Toler 4:48
  6. Across the Plains Ray Toler 2:41
  7. Laika Ray Toler 1:41
  8. I Can See What's Coming Ray Toler 2:56
  9. Dead Man Running Ray Toler 3:40
  10. Mare Imbrium Ray Toler 6:04
  11. I'm Going to Candyland Ray Toler 3:54
  12. Sineposts Ray Toler 4:57
  13. Laska's Dream Ray Toler 3:37
  14. Lapis Ray Toler 5:20
  15. Mare Frigoris Ray Toler 6:02
  16. Mind Your Own Ray Toler 2:50
  17. Slow Light Ray Toler 4:03
  18. Hymnos Ray Toler 3:12
  19. Tori's Reef Ray Toler 3:59
  20. Hypnos Ray Toler 7:16
  21. Mare Insularum Ray Toler 6:46
  22. Small (Not So Little Mix) [Esme D Cover] Ray Toler 3:37
  23. Small (Little Mix) [Esme D Cover] Ray Toler 3:37
  24. Dirty Fingernails Ray Toler 4:57
  25. Mare Nectaris Ray Toler 6:32
  26. Be Home Before the Streetlights Come On Ray Toler 3:08
  27. I Cannot Breathe Ray Toler 4:15
  28. Theme from a Sitcom You Never Saw Ray Toler 1:00
  29. Mare Tranquillitatis Ray Toler 10:20

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