Quiet Desperation

Not much needs to be said about the lead-up to this year’s challenge. As an independent, I’m used to disappointment when it comes to elections, but I have historically been optimistic about people, especially people I’ve called my friends for many years. That has sadly changed over the last 12 months.

I’m less comfortable than ever expressing an opinion, especially one that isn’t in lock-step with whatever the extremists on either side of the authoritarian aisle are shrieking about this week. I’ve despaired as politicians exploited fear to grab ever more power, and been disappointed as many people I love show their gullibility or become exactly like those they despise. I’ve watched the glow in the sky as the city across the river burns.

So what does that portend for the coming month? Will I write about these things? Will I continue to keep my mouth shut and shake my head? Will my disconnection from most media over the last few weeks help?

Join me and see!


  1. Noise in the Signal Ray Toler 4:34
  2. Dreams of a Distant Shore Ray Toler 8:04
  3. A Star Never Setting Ray Toler 7:04
  4. Nothing in the Universe Ray Toler 3:11
  5. A Tiny Thing Ray Toler 4:44
  6. A Completely Successful Exercise in Planning and Self-Restraint Ray Toler 3:37
  7. Mushroom Tea Ray Toler 3:30
  8. The Stinking Rose Waltz Ray Toler 1:39
  9. Electric Swamp Ray Toler 4:15
  10. Pigeonhole Ray Toler 2:56
  11. Kef Ray Toler 4:57
  12. Locus Alienus Ray Toler 2:56
  13. Dagian Ray Toler 4:45
  14. Stalking the Aleatoric Whales Ray Toler 2:17
  15. Ogdoads Ray Toler 2:59
  16. Slow Melt Ray Toler 6:02
  17. Hadal Zone Ray Toler 3:49
  18. Dogmatic Impressionism Ray Toler 5:55
  19. Big Bend Ray Toler 2:19
  20. The Wire Heart Ray Toler 4:45
  21. So Are the Grains of Our Lives Ray Toler 2:52
  22. Last Sad Day (Maria T Cover) Ray Toler 3:02
  23. Henry James (Junie Cover) Ray Toler 2:05
  24. Constructive Interference Ray Toler 4:00
  25. Jigsawz Ray Toler 2:09
  26. Molten Salt Reactor Ray Toler 4:26
  27. 509 Ray Toler 2:29
  28. Baryphonic Ray Toler 6:53
  29. Caconym Ray Toler 4:00

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