It seems like I’m asking that rhetorical question on an almost daily basis. I ask it when hearing about the latest victimization fad or while watching society becoming more and more brittle. I ask it as we combat racism, intolerance, and fascism by using racism, intolerance, and fascism without a hint of irony or self-awareness. I ask it every time I come across the general bitching by every tribe about how bad things are in what is, by almost any objective measurement, the best time in human history to be alive. So given that opening paragraph, you might be surprised … Continue reading

Primrose Waltz

I started out with grand intentions of getting started early and making my first attempt ever at a drum-and-bass track. Somewhat heavy on production, but I like it and, like the Tangerine Dream pastiche, want more than what I have in my record collection. I also love learning the production tricks along the way. Then I had dinner. Then I wrote one of my blog entries. Then two more. Walked the dog. Got a snack. And here we are at 11pm. Blank project. Week three. What now? Let’s try a waltz. (Time goes on and on…) What? It’s 4 am??? … Continue reading