Worlds Apart

We’re in the home stretch. Less than a week left, and I’m tired, but also generally pleased with the month’s progress to date. The danger now is running out of steam, either in the form of ideas or just the energy to hit the record button. The energy of this track reflects my energy level as I sat down to write. Cover day, with all of its own odd stresses, drained my reserves to some degree, and I really was planning on a nice quiet piece. I don’t necessarily try to make the sequence of songs have an emotional/energy arc, … Continue reading

A Tiny Thing

Clearly, my mood had shifted from yesterday’s production. Despite setting the project tempo at 132, thinking maybe I had another upbeat song in me, my initial exploration of sounds and drums had me quickly dropping into half-time mode. This is one of those weird times where I’ll open a project later and see that the tempo is double what I identify it as, but it ends up being six of one, a half-dozen of the other in terms of what comes out.  As I noodled around, I  found that I was feeling fairly introspective and contemplative. The origin of the … Continue reading