The first instrumental track of the month, and certainly not the last. I’m unofficially trying to write a lot more vocal songs this month. I had a lyrical snippet show up while taking a shower , but it continued to elude me for most of the day.

Procrastination was hitting me hard. I ended up in the studio around 6:30, intent on forcing the issue, but some funky weather hit and the dogs wouldn’t leave me alone. Suffice it to say that slush storms make scary noises if you’re a dog. They also leave a bunch of… slush… that needs to be shoveled up, the sidewalks salted, and so on and so on.

  1. Divulsion Ray Toler 3:28

The end result is that at 10:00, I knew I needed to shift gears. These ambient pieces are like rewarding myself with a piece of chocolate. They’re fun to do, and I really enjoy taking just a few sounds and making these evocative washes. The song I had intended to write is darker, so this piece ended up dark as well.

Divulsion isn’t a standout piece, and it wasn’t really intended to be, but it’s going to be a nice transition / introduction to tomorrow’s song,.


  • Synths: Virus TI, Omnisphere, Phobos
  • Kick: Vermona DRM1 Mk III
  • Effects: Soundtoys Rack, Valhalla Room

Next up: Drinking It Down

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