A month or so prior to writing this track, I had become fascinated with “numbers stations.” In short, these are mysterious, high-power radio stations that broadcast nothing but seemingly random strings of numbers, words, backwards music, and other strange sounds. While none have been formally claimed, nearly all of them are considered to be run by various countries to send coded messages to spies embedded in hostile territory. They are virtually uncrackable and untraceable, and still operate to this day. All a spy needs is a radio and the knowledge required to decipher the code. After watching this Dark5 video … Continue reading

I Made a Mistake

Note: This post was written in 2019 and backdated to appear on the date the song was written. Day two. Tuesday. I had received some positive reinforcement for the previous day’s song, and was eager to get through the workday to get home and write something new. I’d caught the bug. In 2016, I was still writing my lyrics out long-hand, so there are cross-outs, things I abandoned, verses out of order, and so on. It’s fun to see some of the things I didn’t do. For example, the first line on the page reads, “Pull back from the pixels … Continue reading

Watching the World (Tiny Little Window)

Ah, the first track in a scary challenge. Write a song, record it, post it on a publicly available website. Between the time you get home from work and the time you go to bed. With minimal ideas or sketches in mind. How would you respond? If you were me, you’d come home, sit on the couch, and procrastinate for an hour by playing with your phone, that’s how. Check what’s happening on Twitter. See if anyone said anything interesting on Facebook. Peruse Google+ (it was a thing!). See what all the fuss is about with this new Periscope thing. … Continue reading

A Song A Day

My dear friend Artemis has encouraged me to take part in Song-A-Day 2016. The goal: write a piece of music every day for the entire month of February. Or, more accurately, write, record, and post 29 pieces of music. I’m looking forward to the challenge and working to put a bit more discipline and routine into my composition. It’s time to build some new habits. The idea notebook is started and I’ll be going over the studio this week to get some bugs ironed out. My additional goal for all of this is to have at least one album or two … Continue reading