Another journey through randomly selected sounds. Mostly. As I did yesterday, most of the sounds in this track were selected by randomly scrolling through Omnisphere. This time, however, I was a bit more willing to toss sounds if they didn’t grab me. My first stop was the bouncing synth sound that kicks off the track. It had a nice response to velocity (how hard I strike the key), and I found some fun moments as I would just randomly strike harder. This simple ostinato drove everything and I had a nice loop going. Drums were added next, but I knew … Continue reading

The Stinking Rose Waltz

Brian Eno is apparently my spirit animal this month. He has, of course, been a huge influence on my ambient compositions, but he has also been a source of inspiration and motivation in my musical and creative world in a much more general way. In 1975, Eno teamed up with Peter Schmidt and created a deck of cards, each with a single sentence crafted to inspire creativity and shake up the reader’s approach. They named the set Oblique Strategies and have done a few limited edition pressings over the years. I’ve never been able to get my hands on an … Continue reading