Quixotic Intent

Another day where participating in this challenge forces me past that inner slacker who convinces me to give up when I have no inspiration or, worse, my initial experiments just aren’t working. I was already in hardcore procrastination mode, finding all sorts of stupid things to do to avoid opening up that blank page. Like what you ask? Like going back and transcribing lyrics to my older Song-A-Day tracks. Not all of them, obviously, but several. There was some thing in the back of my brain that I was trying to find, and I started poking through these older tracks, … Continue reading

Doxastic Truth

With only about 5-6 hours of sleep for the last couple of nights, I woke up with grand plans to knock out two tracks today. I even had some rough ideas of what both were going to be. It ended up being rabbit hole day, with each one taking me a tiny bit farther away from my plan. The first two tracks this month were written, and initially mixed, on headphones. I’ve done this before and gotten reasonably good results, but both sounded pretty bad to me the following morning, and I’ve been spending a bit of time each day … Continue reading

A Completely Successful Exercise in Planning and Self-Restraint

Sometimes my songs are mercurial and hard to pin down, even to me. Other times, I think I’m being more cagey and subtle than I actually am. And then there are times like this. The title of this song is about as plain as it gets, and completely accurate. This is a “Truth in Advertising” track! As has been par for the course so far this month, I started very late, and finished far later. Had that time been spent actually writing and recording, that would be one thing, but I would say that it took me at least as … Continue reading