Be Home Before the Streetlights Come On

It’s hard to believe the month is nearly over. I mentioned at the beginning that this year felt somewhat like a treadmill. And similar to the experience of an actual treadmill session, I started out with energy, settled into the pace, and all of a sudden am almost finished. I’m tired and my energy is flagging, but I’m also happy with both my effort and progress. I began writing today’s track, as I have all this month, the night before. I was a bit intoxicated, but got a decent groove set. There was a slim chance of lyrics to create … Continue reading

Transcendental Existentialism

Another journey back in time. I got a late start on today’s track and puttered around for a long time trying to decide what I was going to do. As has been my pattern, it started out ambient, then did something else, then circled back to ambient, and on and on. The vocal samples are what finally gave me an anchor to build around. My studio’s in pretty good shape, at least operationally. Aesthetically, it’s a huge mess, but that’s an upcoming project. I’ve noticed that I’ve been relying more and more heavily on software, and when I do get … Continue reading