Love and Life Are Deep

Moving Pictures

I can’t overstate how influential Neil Peart has been on my life. He and his two cronies were with me for hours and hours of D&D, thousands of bus rides and car trips, hundreds of notebook doodles, and many deep discussions of life, politics, philosophy, religion, and what it means to be a free and independent human being. He lived an amazing yet often tragic life. Watching how he dealt with some of these things helped me deal with my own tragedies, even if not in the same way. He was a reluctant, even unwilling celebrity, but if you happened … Continue reading

Recuperation and Reflection

Another Song-A-Day challenge comes to a close, and again, it was a rewarding experience. I managed to post all 28 tracks, including two that were done on the road. The last few days were even more of a challenge as the effects of not getting enough sleep and walking dogs in Wisconsin-winter temperatures ganged up to give me a fantastic head and chest cold. A fairly typical pattern for Song-A-Day participants is that they hit week one with both guns blazing. After the initial flurry and release of pent-up ideas, week two is a little more difficult, but inertia carries … Continue reading

I’m Back (And I’m Backin’ It Up!)

In the summer of 1978, I was eleven years old. One of my most vivid memories of that time was the annual trip to Six Flags amusement park. I don’t remember much of the day, but there’s one indelible moment that would impact me for the rest of my life. It has nothing to do with food, or the rides or roller coasters, but rather with a band. I’m convinced that all eleven-year-olds are biologically driven to have some fad dance that they do. And as modern eleven-year-olds have dabbing and flossing and whatever else is currently happening, the kids … Continue reading


Over the course of the day, several ideas came and went for my penultimate track of the month. I get these little snippets of melody all the time, most of them are enjoyed for a few moments and then lost to the dark corners of my memory. Occasionally they resurface, but most of the time, I suppose they just hang out together smoking clove cigarettes, bitching about the system, and wondering what could have been if they’d only gotten their shot. We were supposed to get three to five inches of snow between Tuesday and Thursday, but instead got a … Continue reading

Troll (Jonathan Aronson Cover)

Every year, February 22 is designated as “Cover Day.” People choose one of the other participant’s tracks to cover. In 2016, I didn’t know about Cover Day until it showed up, and was too timid to make the attempt. In 2017, I covered a song by Chris Greacen (the instigator of all this madness) and was pretty happy with my effort. My 2018 cover was a learning experience. I learned that I have no business trying to sing neo soul. I was traveling on the 22nd this year, so I had to put off my cover until today. Choosing which song … Continue reading