Slow Light

I’m not sure what I intended to write for today’s track. After the mid-level bombast of Mind Your Own, I was hoping a song would show up, but not chasing after one in earnest. I did want to start with the rhythm of it, though, so launched BT Phobos.  Created by Spitfire Audio and musician BT (Brian Transeau), Phobos is a really interesting experiment that didn’t quite hit the mark. Bear with the tech explanation for a second. A convolution reverb is one that creates a reasonably good simulation of the acoustic profile of a particular physical space. They are … Continue reading

Adescential Biolith

While veering a bit into dark ambient territory, this track is pretty chill and downtempo. You would never think that it was the result of panic and desperation. With only one or two exceptions this month, I once again had no real ideas going into the studio, and I found myself in the same procrastination habits I was exhibiting in the first week. The composition session started in earnest around 11 pm, which hasn’t been an issue too many times, as my bedtime simply shifted for the month to somewhere in the 2 to 3 am range. But the cumulative … Continue reading

Kaleidoscope Badland

What a difference 24 hours can make. After deciding to post Dad, The Bringer of Age Just Kidding as my track for the 10th, I’m suddenly ahead of schedule. My new branding slogan is Tomorrow’s Music Today! In most ways, nothing is different. I still need to write a track today. I will, in all likelihood, still be up until 2 or 3 in the morning. But when I get up tomorrow, my song for the day will already be done and I can work on the next day. It’s exactly the same, except I don’t feel like I’m late. … Continue reading