Now here’s a track that’s certainly adequate. I’ve satisfied the requirement of Song-A-Day by writing, recording, and posting. It’s more involved than many that I’ve done before, and maybe even better produced. So why am I negative about it? Because it’s not what’s in my head; it’s not living up to its potential. Now, often when I have this feeling about a piece, it’s a failure on my part. It’s missing something, but I don’t know what, or I do know what but don’t know how to do it. That’s not the case here. My negativity is entirely the product … Continue reading

Repurposed Asset

I’ve wanted to try making a drum and bass (DnB) track for a long time, but thought that it might be too much production time for a Song-A-Day track. This is nonsense, of course, given that I’ve been able to put together some very complex arrangements and mixes in the past. The difference is the style; I’ve never attempted it and am not entirely sure what I’m in for. It’s a little hard to describe where DnB sits in my world. When I first heard the genre in the mid-90s, I appreciated it as an extension of the dance, techno, … Continue reading