Clastic Monolith

Typically, I write these posts the day after posting a song, typically just before starting the next one. This entry, however, is being written on the sixth. Over the years, I’ve certainly had plenty of late Song-A-Day nights. Heck, I wrote a song about it on day 5 of my first year: I Get No Sleep. This year, however, has been bad from the beginning, with no song being posted before about 3 am. It’s all self-inflicted, of course, but there’s just something weird going on. In the past, my distractions were things like work or typical procrastination. One year, … Continue reading

The Little Things

That whole five stages of grief thing isn’t what you to expect. They don’t line up in a nice orderly fashion, obeying the rules. They’re petulant children fighting to take over your mind at any given time. But then come the moments when when you feel like you just reached a new plateau. It’s not that things get back to normal, it’s that you come to accept a new normal.  If you’ve ever had the winter blues, you know that dull greyness that seems to cover everything. It’s not that anything’s overly bad, but it doesn’t seem like much is … Continue reading

Turn and Face the Strange

In addition to getting my creative engine revved up, Song-A-Day has been driving a lot of overhaul work that I’ve long needed to do on this website. I shifted the home page to being an actual static page, and moved the blog into its own area. I’m still thinking about the right level of categorization, but it will depend on how much writing I do in “topic” areas like business as opposed to these journal entries. I’m also building pages for other areas of interest, starting with Music. Song-A-Day is creating most of the content so far, but I have … Continue reading