The Music I Want You to Hear

I don’t know if this is the same song I started out writing. The words are all there, but somewhere between writing them, testing a web page, walking the dogs, and so on, I lost the melody that I’d originally had. Maybe. This could be it. It works in any case. I do have this weird feeling like I’ve rewritten a song I’ve heard before, but it could just be the inherent familiarities of this style. I also found the beginning of a bridge between the 2nd and 3rd verses, but whatever melody I had for that was long gone … Continue reading

Drinking It Down

Sometimes you just have to walk away from something that’s not working and come back at it with a fresh mind. For all the trouble I had with this one yesterday, the writing process clicked into place fairly quickly for me today. I gutted the initial chord progression and got rid of about 75% of the melodies I’d started with. I’m not 100% happy with the composition/melody, but it’s very close. Synth selection/programming and arrangement and the drums went very quickly, especially given that there’s a lot more going on in this one than any of the other tracks so … Continue reading


The first instrumental track of the month, and certainly not the last. I’m unofficially trying to write a lot more vocal songs this month. I had a lyrical snippet show up while taking a shower , but it continued to elude me for most of the day. Procrastination was hitting me hard yesterday. I ended up in the studio around 6:30, intent on forcing the issue, but some funky weather hit and the dogs wouldn’t leave me along. Suffice it to say that slush storms make scary noises if you’re a dog. They also leave a bunch of… slush… that … Continue reading

I Don’t Think That Was Me

Another song that started with a sound. The main metallic piano riff showed up while noodling with different sounds and I managed to overcome the inertia of noodling to actually hit record. That’s often the hardest part of any writing project: knowing when to just get to it. I looped 8 bars of the main riff, added the drums, and then started humming until words started showing up. But they were nowhere close the the words that ended up in the song. I’d guess there were at least five or six thematic first drafts that I’d throw away when they … Continue reading

Look Away from the Water

Whenever I listen to music, I frequently find myself trying to figure out what the key little thing is that inspired it. Sometimes it’s a lyric, sometimes it’s a musical hook, sometimes it’s just the beat, but you can often pick out that one cool thing that led to the rest of it. If I were doing that to this track, it would probably be the line, “Silent shapeless creatures crawl out of our sight.” That just seems like a nice phrase that could easily have led to the overall theme and sound. But it wasn’t. It was that four-note … Continue reading