Here Comes February

The late January 2019 cold snap created some beautiful ice crystals on my bedroom window.

Song-A-Day will be interesting this year. Other than the December hard drive crash, I’ve been happily short on negative life events lately. I haven’t decided if I’m giving myself rules as I did last year, if it will be more experimental that past years, or if it will just continue to surprise me.

Snow Drifts

Snow is rain you have to pick up. Sometimes it’s worth shoveling multiple times to keep things manageable. Sometimes it’s best to wait for the sky to empty itself and do it all at once. So it is with life.

Look at all of these weeds

Not my longest absence from this page, but a significant one. Much has happened since that last post. I released my first album, started scoring a video game, and suffered a tremendous loss. Still, life must continue and there’s a great deal that I want to accomplish still ahead of me. I’ve trimmed my sails a bit and have decided to tack against the wind: a new start at an old destination. Releaux, my artist persona and recording/publishing company is back out of the shadows, and I’m making progress on breaking into new communities. Things are moving, if slowly, but … Continue reading

Shiny Object Syndrome – Are You Ignoring Talent?

Shiny Object Syndrome. We all get it. A new pair of shoes. The fad diet. That super-cute garden gnome. In my case, probably a new synthesizer. We’re all susceptible to Shiny Object Syndrome, but when corporate or departmental leaders get it, they’re in danger of making a huge blunder – ignoring or demotivating the talent they already have on staff. A client I worked with needed deep expertise and new ideas in an area where it had been stagnant for a decade or more. They found a consultant who came in and dazzled everyone. So much, in fact, that they … Continue reading