Let the Water Hold Me Down

As David Byrne once said, “Well… how did I get here?” This has been the most difficult Song-A-Day I’ve gone through in many respects, and almost every day was a fight of some kind. But apparently I was so busy looking at my feet trying not to trip that by the time I looked up, I’d reached the destination. And there’s yet another Brian Eno connection to the month: he produced and co-wrote that song. All of these Brian Eno moments over the last month weren’t intentional, I just kept finding more and more ways he’d influenced me directly, or … Continue reading


Ok, let’s get this out of the way right now – this is an experiment. It was partially successful, and it was interesting, and it’s another song posted, so we’ll call it a win. Most soft synths first load with a default patch. Sometimes this is a nicely programmed sound, but in the case of Omnisphere, it’s a very basic sawtooth wave. Every now and then when it loads up, I wonder if it would actually be a usable sound, and now you have today’s experiment. Here are my rules: I can use as many instances of Omnisphere as I … Continue reading

So Are the Grains of Our Lives

Well, here we are at the end of week three. It’s been a somewhat frustrating month so far, with me wishing that I had a few more songs in the can, but I’m not unhappy with my overall output. I am, however, feeling like I may have reached the end of the ambient arc, or at least want to try doing things that may be a little less listenable, but which give me an opportunity to try out some new techniques or approaches. I have been fascinated with granular synthesis since I first learned about it in the late 90s. … Continue reading