SYS 49152

Note: This post was written in 2019 and backdated to appear on the date the song was written.

After an explosion of sleep-deprivation-driven production, I slept in on this first Saturday of Song-A-Day. I had a leisurely day, watched a movie, then headed into the studio.

The positive response from I Get No Sleep had me in a really good mood, and that comes across in this track. I wanted to use more of the hardware synths I had in the studio, and decided to avoid using any loops or soft-synths, just as an exercise. I did end up using the Korg MonoPoly plugin because it had exactly the sound I was looking for, but everything else is hardware.

  1. SYS49152 Ray Toler 3:34

This track also appeared on the 42403 album. That album was the eventual realization of a “technology” album concept I’d had for a few years. The majority of the tracks were inspired by or named after various bits of technology that have been part of my life. The title of this one is a machine code instruction for the Commodore 64 (my second computer) that executes a warm reboot.

There’s a vague nostalgic feel to this one for me, as well as a sense of warm optimism. I have a partially finished video for it that uses 1950s / 1960s footage from a promotional film about the technological advances that would make the future a bright and happy place.


  • Synths: Moog Sub 37, DSI Tetra, Yamaha FS1R, Streichfett
  • Drums: Analog RYTM

2 thoughts on “SYS 49152”

    • I’d never even heard of a Digicomp 2000. My first computer wasn’t anywhere near as exotic; it was a Commodore VIC-20. It’s still pretty amazing what we were able to do in 16k of RAM, though I was really happy when I got the Super Expander cartridge with an additional 3k of RAM and a high resolution graphics mode. It enabled a glorious 160 x 160 pixel resolution!

      It’s crazy to me that this web page wouldn’t fit in the memory of that computer.


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