Look at all of these weeds

Not my longest absence from this page, but a significant one. Much has happened since that last post. I released my first album, started scoring a video game, and suffered a tremendous loss. Still, life must continue and there’s a great deal that I want to accomplish still ahead of me.

I’ve trimmed my sails a bit and have decided to tack against the wind: a new start at an old destination. Releaux, my artist persona and recording/publishing company is back out of the shadows, and I’m making progress on breaking into new communities. Things are moving, if slowly, but more importantly, I’m learning how to be fundamentally happy again.

So it’s time to get back to writing more regularly, and perhaps less verbosely. I’m retracting from the social giants, shifting back to focusing on this being one of two primary outlets. I’m also done with chasing whatever the “optimal” path is for an online presence. I’m finally taking the advice I’ve been giving others for so long: do what feels right for you.

I’ll be doing some weeding and some planting. And mixing my metaphors more than ever.

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