Here Comes February

In typical “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” fashion, nature has seen fit to take my last post as a challenge. The weather today  was as cold as I’ve experienced here. It was -20°F when I woke up, with a “feels like” temperature of -53°F (-47°C). I’m hoping that’s the worst of it, though.

Tomorrow will be a day to clean and organize as I prepare to go full bore on music for the next month or so. I have several pieces to write for the Bombsworders soundtrack, and Song-A-Day starts Friday. I’ll be posting tracks here, along with lyrics, production notes, and other goodies if appropriate. I need to figure out the best way to stream audio from the site.

February is also being earmarked for web site rehabilitation. I’m continuing to work on this site, but will also be getting overhauled to reflect the expanding role of that persona. It may also be time to start building up Analog Destiny. I’ve met a few musicians over the last couple of weeks who would be good collaborative partners. Maybe not a band, but more of a rotating collective.

Song-A-Day will be interesting this year. Other than the December hard drive crash, I’ve been happily short on negative life events lately. I haven’t decided if I’m giving myself rules as I did last year, if it will be more experimental that past years, or if it will just continue to surprise me. Given that I have absolutely nothing in my head to start with, I’m expecting the latter.

Finally, I’m still leaning toward radical reduction of my participation on social media other than for special interest groups or promotion. Everything else is just too depressing or stress-inducing. It was a fun diversion that became a bad habit. Time to change.