Studio Cleanup Day

Today is Studio Cleanup Day. Time to throw away all of the paper scraps, untangle the spaghetti, reconsider the routing matrix, track down that ground loop, rip the pile of CDs that’s starting to fall over, get rid of those eBay boxes and peanuts, and figure out what the hell I’m going to do with the extra crap from the World of Warcraft collectors edition I got.

I also need to start putting all of the software I’ve acquired over the years into piles: obsolete, not using anymore, must have. If you make great software with crappy DRM schemes (Waldorf and Native Instruments, I’m looking at you…), you’re likely to go in the “sadly acknowledge that I won’t be upgrading again” pile.

It’s also time to revisit the studio wiring diagram and decide if it still makes sense given the increasingly hardware-based approach I’m taking with the studio. Everything old is new again, and I’m heading back to the 90s – before I bought into the idea that plugins were the answer to my problems.

Or, I might write some music in a desperate attempt to avoid all of that.

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