Puffery & Pontification

I’ve been trying really hard for the last year to get out of the habit of making negative posts on message boards and social media. It all gets so depressing, especially when I see people that I otherwise respect deeply just parroting the latest talking point to come from whatever media outlet they happen to watch the most.

Rather than pointless argument, I’ve decided that posting opinions here might be more useful if someone stumbles across them as part of a search. One could argue that I’m simply trying to voice my opinion without having to defend it, but I actually welcome thoughtful disagreement (or agreement) via comments here. I’ve just gotten tired of the endless trolling and griefers that seem to inhabit every forum from “Bob’s World of Cheese” to the Wall Street Journal.

Posts of this nature will be categorized as closely to what they’re related to as I can manage, but I will also be adding a new category to connect them all: Puffery & Pontification.

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