I’m sitting in my home studio, surrounded by gear that would make many musicians weep with joy, but I can’t seem to get a single thing done. I have several excuses at the moment.

  1. I either cracked or severely bruised the tip of my left pinky a few days ago while tearing up a bassline on a weighted keyboard. It still hurts and is interfering with my mojo.
  2. My studio is a wreck. The mess is bugging me.
  3. Distractions abound. There’s a stack of CDs I picked up in Korea that need ripping. I need to archive some stuff off my hard drive to clear up some space.
  4. Skyrim.
  5. The Internet. How many times can one human being check Facebook, Google+, Twitter, eBay,, and YouTube in an hour? I’m apparently trying to find out and Mr. Owl is nowhere to be found.
  6. I have some work (for the day job) that needs attention.

Of course, none of these (except for the last one) are valid excuses. There is one other thing that’s been working its way into my brain, though. I’ve “written” four or five things that I really liked over the last week or so while noodling around with sounds. But they’re improvisations and I’ve never figured out how to capture them effectively. I’m too self conscious to do the same thing if I know the DAW is recording, and by the time I’ve worked out the bugs in what I’m doing, the moment is gone.

I am, however, putting an action plan together to address at least some of these problems.

  1. After a learning experiment with various social media sites (partly to learn, partly to protect my online brand…), I’m about to contract my efforts and limit them almost exclusively to Google+ and this blog. I’ll try to check the others once or twice a month for private messages.
  2.  I sat down yesterday and wrote out a list of my gear and the gear that I want or think I need. I’m going to try and rectify this list with what I perceive to be the significant holes in my studio (e.g., outboard processing) which should help with my Gear Acquisition Syndrome problem.
  3. I sense a “to hell with all this crap” purge session coming on, so I’m trying to get things organized into piles that will help bring about a hasty exit of much of the junk from my life.

I’ve been doing a GTD action dump for the last couple of weeks, but that becomes another action in and of itself.

What do you do to give yourself a kick in the pants when there’s so much to do you can’t seem to pick a starting point?

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