Koriath Waltz

I consider myself an ok writer, but I never know what to say when someone dies. I normally express such things through music. Dan’s funeral was today in Milwaukee, and I was unable to attend, so I wrote this instead.



The version in my head still has strings and a lot more going on, but I could never get it to sound right. I decided to leave it as it was, which is odd for me. Also odd for me, I can actually play this one – many of the piano pieces I write require at least three or four hands. Finally, the major resolve at the end is very out of character for my writing, but it felt right.

Dan was a generally happy guy, so this piece isn’t really meant to represent him, but my feelings and what I perceive to be others’ feelings today.


  • MOTU Digital Performer
  • Kurzweil K2600XS (Piano)
  • Eventide H3000SE (Reverb)

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