It’s only a flesh wound…

Got great news a few weeks ago – all of the drama I had around my CS-80 turned out to be a well-disguised blown fuse. I felt a little sheepish about having missed it (I did check the fuses when the problem first showed up), but the tech that worked on it said that it wasn’t obviously blown – he wouldn’t have known if he hadn’t put a meter on it.

In any case, the mighty CS is back where it belongs. I’ve been getting reacquainted with it and am loving how it sounds running through the Eventide 8 Second Reverb patch! Lots of travel coming up soon, but I’m hoping to commence work on some new tracks in the next few days.

Because an overhaul project is not in my future (whew!), I’ve deleted the CS-80 situation page as it is happily not needed.

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