How will we build The Digital Society?

Tomorrow, I head to Florida for Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. I’ve attended this amazing event for the last few years, and it’s always energizing, thought provoking, and challenging. As a side benefit, I always get my 10,000 steps in each day.

The opening keynote this year is titled “Building Platforms for a Digital Society” which is timely for many of the things I’ve been contemplating lately. How will we transform our cultures to address the new technological realities never before faced in human history: machine intelligence, economics of abundance, disruptive and exponential advances in nearly every discipline?

How will we rectify increasing lifespans and population growth with the threat of mass unemployment as more and more jobs, even non-manual jobs, are automated? The old rules increasingly will not apply. New ways of thinking and new ways of acting will be required, new legal frameworks crafted and refined.

We face unprecedented change and opportunity, and the 12,000+ people I’ll be hanging out with next week will be among the vanguard. I can’t wait for the discussions, debates, presentations, and workshops in the coming week!

If you’re going to be attending #GartnerSYM, send me a tweet (@raytoler) or message me on LinkedIn and let’s connect!

Hello, #GartnerSYM!

I’ve just arrived in Orlando, Florida for one of my favorite events: Gartner Symposium. I’m here with about 11,000 of my closest friends to geek out on all things IT. My plan of attack this year is a little nebulous, but if you’re looking me up from one of my Tweets or other postings, you’ll find less IT stuff and more “other” on this site.

The About and Resumé links above will give you a decent overview, but if you’re also here in Orlando and are intrigued (or even just moderately amused), let’s connect! Send me a message through the Gartner event app or tag me in a Tweet (@raytoler).

I’m looking forward to another great #GartnerSYM and hope to meet a lot of new folks this year.